Photostory: Inside the Studio G Progress Party, AES 2011

October 25, 2011 by  

WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN: For a lot of people at this year’s AES, the action at the Javits Center was a mere appetizer for the intensive show-spawned nightlife spanning New York City.

G proprietor Joel Hamilton and engineer Andrew Schneider came out of hiding on Friday night. (photo: Andrew Sheron)

Producers, artists, engineers and audio heads of all stripes found plenty to keep them buzzing on Friday. Many started out at the Fred Perry Artist Lounge at Stratosphere Sound, others kicked it off at an intimate gathering at Area 51, while still more got going at an energetic midtown bash at Quad Studios.

But for those in the know, all roads led to Brooklyn and the Progress Party at the new 5,000 sq. ft. home of Studio G, just off of Williamsburg’s McCarren Park.

The new facility will be home to musician/producer/engineers Joel Hamilton (Blakroc, Elvis Costello), Tony Maimone (They Might Be Giants, Bob Mould), and Jeff Hill (Rufus Wainwright), and no doubt a great many records to come. Studio G has been a Williamsburg recording destination for over a decade, and has built a reputation for its discerning staff, selective gear, and work with boundary-pushing artists like Blakroc, Matisyahu, Mike Watt and Dub Trio.

Guests arrived to find the new G in gloriously raw form as it moves closer to its opening, while like-minded Brooklyn-based sponsor Audio Power Tools and its premium brands – Burl Audio, Mojave Audio, Royer Labs, Slate Digital – lavished them with tamales and positive vibes.

But don’t take our word for it – the camera never lies!


The key to Studio G.

Studio G’s Tony Maimone in the middle of Catalina Spinel and Rachel Doriss. (photo: David Weiss)

Warming up Studio A for the 48-input SSL 8000 G+. (photo: Andrew Sheron)

(l-r) Mike Caffrey of NYC studio Monster Island and Steven Slate join Tape Op’s Larry Crane. (photo: David Weiss)

(l-r) Aaron Nevezie of the Bunker, with SonicScoop’s Justin Colletti and David Weiss (photo: Andrew Sheron)

(l-r) Erica Glyn, Bob Power and Catherine Oberg were geometrically composed. photo: David Weiss)

Peer into the future…at G’s Studio B. (photo: Andrew Sheron)

We just had to give you a closer look at Studio C’s classic 1980′s Sony board. (photo: Andrew Sheron)

Todd Hodges and Steve Massey of Massey Plugins are REALLY enjoying their beer! (photo: Andrew Sheron)

Studio G’s Jeff Hill and Joel Hamilton — they have more than just initials in common. (photo: Andrew Sheron)

The inimitable Fletcher and Steven Slate (photo: Janice Brown)

All the super DJ’s/That act so cool: Kurt Submerged of the Ohm Resistance label. (photo: David Weiss)

Audio Power Tools’ Blue Wilding (center) ran a tight ship. (photo: Andrew Sheron)


Special thanks to Andrew Sheron for his stellar photography! Visit him at



  • Banksbrad

    great work being done in Brooklyn!

  • Dusty

    Great Party! thanks to Blue, everyone at Studio G and all our groovy co-sponsors. Love the Mojave Cocktail!