New York Studio Burglarized: Be on the Lookout for Stolen Gear

February 18, 2014 by  

Black Dog Studios in Stillwater New York, near Albany, suffered from a break-in last week. Studio staff arrived to find the back door smashed in, as well as tons of microphones, effects units and instruments missing.

It seems the culprits knew what they were doing. A source at the studio says “the whole thing could have went down in 20 minutes [with] a large SUV.”

Be one the lookout for stolen gear showing up online this week and in the coming months. A devastating list of missing gear includes:

Bands like Ra Ra Riot and more have recorded at Black Dog

Black Dog has hosted sessions with artists like Ra Ra Riot and Sean Rowe. The “destination studio” is located on 12 acres in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.


Neumann U67  w/ Neumann psu
Neumann Gefell UM57  w/ Peak Power
Lucas CS-1
Neumann U87 “Property of AGENCY” scratched in the back
Neumann KM84
Beyer M160
Coles 4038 matched pair
Lawson L47fet
Beyer M500  Sank Mod
Beyer M201


Barefoot MM27 pair on sound anchors


Chandler LTD-2 Mastering Pair w/ selectable ratios
Daking FET II pair
Urei 1178
API 3124+
Collins 6Q-1 (2 modules in bronze rack)
Gates SA-70 (2 modules in silver rack) They forgot the psu for this one…
Lexicon PCM96
TC Electronic D2
Lynx Aurora 16 pair
Intel power mac with Lynx AES16 and a UAD Quad Omni
Magma rack with PT HD3 in it.

Instruments and Amps

Marshall 2204s 50 watt head
Fender Corodado (yellow) Feb 67
Guild B-301 1976
Aria hollow body (The Sifters guitar)

Visit the studio’s website here, and get in touch via