Music And Strategy: Inside A Music Service Agency With a 360 Spin on Branding

Sometimes strange bedfellows are actually a perfect match.

MAS puts every aspect of music and branding together.

MAS puts together every aspect of music and branding.

For example, a set of words that pair up surprisingly well together are “Music And Strategy“. It’s the plain-spoken name of a highly flexible music service agency, and now that you’ve been introduced – you’ve got a good idea of what they do.

Operating out of Los Angeles and New York City, Music And Strategy (MAS) is all about sound and branding, reinforcing their clients’ message through music by any means necessary. The roots lay in the diverse background of their accomplished founders, whose strengths have been cultivated in music supervision/licensing/branding for advertising, film, TV, and publishing.

It’s a dream team that includes James Alvich (Draft FCB, BBDO), Jim Black (Black Swan, The Wrestler, Kissing Jessica Stein), and Gabe Hilfer (BMG, “Entourage”). With MAS, their portfolio includes Vidal Sassoon, Aerie, Yoplait, Advil, Smirnoff Ice, Aetna and many more. Get it? The A-list brands have caught on.

If you’re wondering how the art of, well, music and strategy goes beyond simply licensing a killer track, you’ve come to the right interview. Below, Alvich and Hilfer explain just how far things have come – and where they’re going next – in the music business’ fastest-moving sector.

What is MAS’ founding philosophy? How does your name “say it all,” and how does your mindset and approach differentiate you from other agencies in their field offering similar services?

We founded MAS three years ago as a full service music company that would provide creative and strategic solutions for brands and agencies who wanted to enhance their messaging through music.

What makes us different are our one-stop-shop capabilities. We can write an original composition for a :30, while simultaneously executing an artist partnership with a brand, while also doing music supervision for the next Super Bowl campaign.

We truly offer full-service capabilities in the music space, but with a much more intimate approach than our competitors, per the clients we’ve worked with.

How is the role of music for brands evolving? Put another way, what is different about the way brands are viewing the use of music in communicating their message, that’s different than one year ago, two years ago, five years ago?

Brands consider music much more a part of their overall identity now. They view artists as brand influencers collaborating with them in ways they never used to before.

Brands now seek out specific artists that they feel best represent them to create various types of campaigns (TV, digital, Social) that leave a longer lasting impression with their consumer. Music evokes emotion and that emotion can result in a stronger connection to a brand.

So how do you expect this dynamic to be different a year from now? Two years from now?

James Alvich is Founding Partner/Executive Producer of MAS.

James Alvich is Founding Partner/Executive Producer of MAS.

 We are probably going to see even further artist integration.

Instead of just using a piece of music on a :30 second TV spot, we are going to see more artist partnerships stretching across multiple platforms – broadcast, digital, and live events. Brands are going to find more ways to connect fans directly with the artists they love.

To play Devil’s advocate, why does the brand or advertising agency need an outside consultant to help them? Shouldn’t they know the sound of their own brand better than anybody else?

The music industry is a constantly evolving world. When a brand or advertising agency approaches, it’s obviously our job to deliver what they want to the very best of our abilities.

The real crux of this issue is how we do this. On the creative side, we live and breathe music 24/7. We usually use ideas generated internally by agencies and brands as a jumping off point to start a conversation – but that works both ways. We learn about great music from our clients all the time, just as, hopefully, they do from us.

When it comes time to handling the logistics of actually procuring the music, our expertise with copyright practices and negotiations with record labels is an invaluable tool, and the relationships we’ve cultivated over the years throughout the music industry at large can be used to the client’s advantage.

MAS has renowned film music supervisors like Gabe Hilfer as part of their founding team. How does his experience in the film world inform his ability to match music with brands? In what way are these formats — film and branding — similar, and in what ways are they very different?

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