Vlado Meller Mastering and Distributor Monostereo Announce Strategic Partnership

Mastering and distribution have a two-way relationship when it comes to the prolific engineer Vlado Meller and independent one-stop and distributor, Monostereo.

The VMM suite at Truphonic Recording in Charleston, SC.

The two have announced a strategic partnership, which makes Vlado Meller Mastering (VMM) the go-to source for Monostereo’s vinyl mastering and lacquer cutting needs. In addition, Monostereo is partnering with Truphonic Recording, the world-class studio in Charleston, S.C. where Meller masters albums by an international clientele.

Under the arrangement, MonoStereo will direct its clients who are looking for a mastering house to prepare their master for vinyl or CD to VMM. Likewise, VMM’s independent clients in need of vinyl or CD distribution – including complete package, mastering, art work, jackets, pressing – will be recommended to MonoStereo. As a result, once the pressing plant is on board, a comprehensive true-360 package is available to clients: from tracking, mixing, CD mastering, vinyl mastering, cutting, and pressing to final distribution.

MonoStereo has expanded its offerings through a strategic partnership with VMM.

Beginning as a small chain of record stores in Long Island, Monostereo has been family-owned and operated since 1974, and specializes in wholesale distribution of vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Turntables, and music accessories.

Meller’s career has spanned 40+ years and has included work with diverse recordings from Kanye West, Metallica, Frank Ocean, Paul McCartney, Shakira, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, Celine Dion and many more. Following extensive posts at Sony and Universal, Meller now operates Vlado Meller Mastering from Truphonic Recording Studios in Charleston, SC.