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MUTEC’s MC-3+ Smart Clock USB is setting a new benchmark for audio clocking technology by combining an audiophile-grade USB interface with one of the lowest jitter audio re-clockers ever designed! Built for the demands of the high-end audio world, this device expands your sonic universe with increased musicality, clarity, and precision.

The world-renowned 1G-Clock technology that MUTEC introduced with the popular MC-3+ Smart Clock has been setting new standards for the generation of nearly jitter-free clock signals. Their engineers have derived a reference clock rate for DDS (direct digital synthesis) through extensive lab testing, which reduces jitter and noise artifacts to their absolute minimum. As a result, world-class mastering engineers including Maor Appelbaum and Dave Kutch (The Mastering Palace) have made the MC-3+ Smart Clock by MUTEC the center piece of their critical listening environments.

Building on these fundamentals, MUTEC has further improved their clocking algorithms in the MC-3+USB, yielding an additional, clearly audible improvement in transparency, spatiality, and musicality, according to their distinguished beta-testers and users.

The new MC-3+ Smart Clock USB serves not only as a generator, but as a clock distributor as well. Unlike other products, the MC-3+USB effectively regenerates incoming clock signals to higher precision as the signal source. This helps to stabilize existing clock systems and improves the level of sound reproduction quality in the studio environment. With the unique capability to add a 10 MHz external reference from atomic clocks for the re-clocking process, the MC-3+USB achieves an unrivalled sound quality and maximum flexibility for any digital audio setup.

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