Win a DigiTech or Randall Pedalboard!!

The pedal gods are smiling down on you with this mega giveaway of epic effects! Enter below to win one of complete pedalboards — a fully loaded DigiTech effects board, and a punchy and powerful all-metal trio of Randall Pedals.

These pedalboards will be on hand at the upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, October 25-26 at Main Drag Music in Williamsburg. Be sure to swing through and check them out!

The DigiTech pedalboard comes loaded up with: the Luxe polyphonic detune pedal; The Drop polyphonic drop tune pedal; DOD Phasor 201, DOD OverDrive Preamp 250, DOD BiFet Boost 410, DOD Envelope Filter 440, and DOD Compressor 280 pedals; the Hardwire HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner; the classic Whammy; Hardwire Supernatural Ambientverb; the Jamman Express XT and JamMan Stereo Looper; and the V10 Power Block power supply.

The hard rocking Randall pedalboard comes with the MOR one knob boost pedal; Facepunch overdrive pedal; the RGOD FET preamp pedal; and the PPS-2 power supply. Get into some heavy sounds with this flagship set of Randall pedals designed for the modern metal player.


Contest ends 10/30

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