Win the Dizengoff DA2 Tube Preamp!

Meet the Dizengoff Audio DA2.  It’s a tribute to the venerable RCA BA2C tube preamp, which found wide use in film, broadcast, and recording studios during the 1950’s.

The DA2 is designed to have wonderful headroom, and pack a nice low-mid wallop. Its tone has been described is smooth, warm, and sort of heavy—just what you’d expect from an American tube design of this era.

The signal transformers are based on early Peerless designs for maximum fidelity, and are wound by Dizengoff in Chicago. Their frequency response is flat from 10Hz to 50kHz.

Unlike more cumbersome tube pres, the power supply is internal and built around a Japanese Nippo Steel R-core power transformer, providing extremely high efficiency and remarkably low noise.

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