Building on its unparalleled tradition of creating vintage preamplifiers faithful to the original design specifications, BAE Audio announces the newest family member among its renowned 1073 series: the 1073MPL (A $900 value). Up for grabs is a piece of history: Serial #1 of this exciting new addition to the line.

The 1073MPL is the result of more than two years of research and development, making the ‘larger than life’ sound of the 1073 available in an impossibly small package. The new 1073MPL delivers the same classic class A sound that BAE preamplifiers are known for, with harmonically rich lows, slightly resonant highs, and a defined, focused midrange — all in a compact and cost effective 500 series package.

“Despite its small footprint, this unit is packed with features and delivers an immediately recognizable sound,” says Mark Loughman, BAE Audio President. “It is also very versatile — its impedance switching capability and high impedance DI make it useful for use with a range of different microphones, as well as guitars, synths and other instruments.”

BAE Audio has been building the 1073 for 15 years, consecutively longer than any other company in history. While the company continues to innovate with products like the 1073MPL, it takes a ‘no-compromise’ approach to build and manufacturing, with each of its products meeting the company’s exacting standards of quality and authenticity. Enter to win a one-of-a-kind prize, the 1073MPL Serial #1 below!!

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