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Back in the mid-1980s, Sir George Martin commissioned the legendary Rupert Neve to build a series of new, ‚Äėno compromise‚Äô console modules for AIR studios.

They were an enormous hit, and formed the basis of the Focusrite Studio Console, still widely regarded as the best-sounding analogue recording console of all time. The descendants of those modules are now used in leading studios around the world and are a component in the sound of thousands of hit records.

Today’s ISA Range from Focusrite can put that classic Focusrite sound into your studio or live performance. Featuring a rugged, portable all-metal enclosure, the ISA One combines the classic Focusrite microphone preamp with a flexible, independent DI channel and optional 192kHz precision A/D conversion.

At the heart of the ISA range is the microphone preamplifier with its Lundahl input transformer. This design is based on the original ISA110 and is essentially the same circuit that has been used for 30 years in successive Focusrite designs. The input transformer imparts a special character to the sound that can’t be truly emulated in any other way: inseparable from the microphone itself, the transformer input stage is ideal for use with classic microphones.

This mic pre also has a twist the original didn‚Äôt have, which makes it far more versatile: four carefully-selected impedance settings allow you to match microphone to input in different ways, coaxing extra tones out of your mics‚ÄĒespecially your dynamics and ribbons. Bring out the character of a classic mic, or go for a totally transparent, modern sound ‚Äď with the ISA One, it‚Äôs up to you.

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