Win 12 Mooer Micro Pedals From Osiamo Music Gear!

Small, smart and original, the Mooer Micro Series  of guitar pedals pack a serious micro punch! Less than half the size of a standard pedal, the Micro line of pedals are high-functioning highly attractive and portable — all feature true bypass switching, and many utilize rare or difficult to source chips that replicate classic effect pedals sounds.

There are over 40 unique pedals in the Mooer Micro lineup. Enter below, and you could be the winner of a cool dozen (value: $1,500)! All of the following could be yours:

The Green Mile tube overdrive pedal; The Juicer overdrive (which is the Neil Zaza signature model); The Rage Machine metal distortion pedal, Yellow Comp classic optical compressor; Acoustikar acoustic guitar simulator; Sky Verb digital reverb (w/ Studio, Church and Plate modes); Grey Faze vintage fuzz pedal; Mod Factory, which packs 11 modulation effects; the Slow Engine slow motion effect; Trelicopter tremolo pedal; Pure Octave multi-mode clean octave pedal; and the Graphic G guitar equalizer pedal.

The prize package also includes all the connectors, power supply and the pedalboard itself to allow you to setup, plug in and rock out.

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