Win the Dizengoff D864 Varimu Compressor!

Based on the classic Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor, the new Dizengoff D864 is a surprisingly affordable way to get real vintage tone in a high-quality modern build.

Dizengoff Audio was founded by Matt Newport, the award-winning designer who launched Black Lion Audio. He based the D864’s transformers on the much loved Peerless-Altec designs of the 1960’s. These transformers are highly regarded for their signal quality to this day, and original examples fetch a premium on the secondary market.

Dizengoff has also added new features to the classic Federal compressor design which are not found in the original build. These include variable attack and release, ratio, threshold, and input trim controls. The D864 also adds on switchable bypass, stereo link, and two truly unique features: Growl and Glow.

Growl is a parallel germanium compression that can be switched in and out of circuit. It adds a nice, trashy edge to the sound.

Glow shifts the behavior of the input tubes, as well as the behavior of the compressor circuit itself. It gives a smoother-sounding response, but with a harder knee.

For the enclosure, Dizengoff has designed an attractive and sturdy, 2U-high all aluminum rack-mount case.  Metering is provided by a giant 2.55″ round A-scale VU meter, and knobs are provided by Chicago Daka Ware.

Sign up below for your chance to win a compressor that not only recreates history, but improves on it. At a price of $649, the D864 is a remarkable value on a classic tone that any serious studio owner should consider. Order one (or two!) for yourself through Dizengoff’s “Shop” page.

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