“Meet the Producer” Dave Tozer at Apple Store SoHo — Friday, May 23rd

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NYC-area music makers will have instant access to superstar producer Dave Tozer this Friday, May 23rd .

Learn the Secrets of Dave Tozer's Success -- Friday, May 23rd at the Apple Store SoHo.

Learn the Secrets of Dave Tozer’s Success — Friday, May 23rd at the Apple Store SoHo.

Taking place at the Apple Store SoHo theater at 103 Prince Street, from 6-7:30 PM, Tozer will be demonstrating sessions and workflow, as well as discussing the momentous John Legend track “All of Me”, which currently stands at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Always inspiring and uncommonly articulate on the topic of music production, the time with Tozer is sure to be well spent.

Tozer headlines a double bill which is being put on by the New York Logic Pro Users Group (NYLPUG), which also includes “iOS Music Creation with Apogee,” from 4:30-5:30 PM. The Apogee session at 4:30 will be hosted by Jon Ruest & Roger Robindoré.

Attendance is free. Seats are sure to fill up fast, so come early! For more information on both segments, visit http://www.nylpug.com/.

“What the #%&@ Are You Doing with Auria?” Video Contest Launches

October 27, 2013 by  

Love your audio platform? Say it with VIDEO.

The first place package from Auria's contest includes gear from AKG, Apogee, and JBL Professional.

The first place package from Auria’s contest includes gear from AKG, Apogee, and JBL Professional.

That’s right, the people of Wave Machine Labs – the makers of the Auria 48-track DAW app for iPad – are inviting all of their sonic peeps out there to go all out on the visuals.

But it’s not just an exercise in synesthasia: this is the name of “The Really Big ‘WHAT THE #%&@ ARE YOU DOING WITH AURIA’ Video Contest“, which they’re putting on in conjunction with a host of co-sponsors — AKG, Apogee, and JBL Professional.

This is worth sharpening your video skills for: the contest is offering up first, second, and third prizes with a total value of $11,000.

To compete, users are invited to submit a video up to 4 minutes in length showing how they use Auria and how it is changing the way they work.

The first place winner will receive a pair of JBL LSR6328Ps, an Apogee Quartet for iOS, an AKG C414 XLS, an AKG C1000S, and AKG K712 headphones, with a total value of over $7,000.

The contest has officially begun, and all submissions must be received by November 22, 2013. Visit here to enter and for the full rules.

Entries will focus on how the contestant is using Auria, whether as an artist, producer, or engineer. They can be shot with smartphones or other simple cameras and edited with consumer editing apps, and the judges will include Grammy Award winning composer/producer/engineer David Kahne and elite producer/engineer Bob Bullock.

Submissions that have the most interesting and engaging content, in the opinion of the judges, will be moved into the final round, where the winners will be chosen by registered visitors to the video contest website.

Auria Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 292 MB

Auria 1.140 is $49.99 USD, available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

Apogee Electronics Debuts Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge

January 31, 2013 by  

Another Thunderbolt is headed our way.

Apogee Electronics has announced the imminent February arrival of Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge, a 64-channel interface for connecting Apogee converters to any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac computer.

The development means that Apogee’s Symphony I/O will be able to work in tandem with the extremely high speed and bandwidth of Intel’s ThunderBolt technology.

High-speed dating: Macs and Apogee Symphony will speed up their relationship with Thunderbridge.

MSRP will be $995.

Here are more details, as supplied by Apogee:

Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge connects Apogee’s flagship audio interface, Symphony I/O, to any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac for true Thunderbolt compatibility and performance. Capable of up to 64 channels of input and output at sample rates up to 192kHz, Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge delivers impressive channel counts at unprecedented speeds for a latency and hassle free recording experience. Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge will also connect Apogee’s X-Symphony equipped AD-16X, DA-16X and Rosetta Series converters to Thunderbolt Macs for legacy compatibility. Existing users of these devices will simply need to update to the most current software/firmware available on Apogee’s website before connecting to ThunderBridge.

Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge Highlights
    Connects up to 64 channels of Apogee I/O to any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac
•    Operates at sample rates from 44.1-192 kHz
•    Compatible with Symphony I/O and X-Symphony-equipped Rosetta 800, 200, AD16X and DA16X.
•    Latency = 1.8 ms at 96kHz/32 buffer
•    2 Thunderbolt ports for connecting additional devices
•    2 PC-32 ports for connection to Apogee interfaces
•    1 Word Clock Out
•    DC Input – 12V DC 30W (power supply included)
•    Status LED to indicate whether or not the device has been configured properly

System Requirements
    Audio Interfaces: Apogee Symphony I/O X-Symphony-equipped Rosetta Series or X Series interface
•    Computer: Thunderbolt-enabled Mac computer, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac
•    Thunderbolt cables
•    Mac OS: 10.7 or later
•    Power: DC Power supply included


Apogee Electronics Launches New Symphony I/O Configurations, Pricing

October 20, 2012 by  

It appears that Apogee Electronics’ flagship has simultaneously become more approachable and more affordable.

The company announced that Symphony I/O, the company’s flagship audio interface, is now available in select configurations with significant price reductions.

The Symphony I/O has expanded and contracted at the same time.


According to Apogee, higher production volumes of their professional multi-channel recording interface have allowed them to achieve lower manufacturing costs. Meanwhile, the line has been simplified to provide customers with “clear, scalable choices.”

The updated pricing and configurations are available now. Here’s how Apogee explains it:

”Symphony I/O is now offered in four configurations with the ability to expand using one of the five available I/O Modules. Configurations include; Symphony I/O 2×6, Symphony I/O 8×8, Symphony I/O 16×16, Symphony I/O 8×8+8MP. These four configurations offer the perfect starting point when purchasing Symphony I/O. With each configuration, customers have the ability to easily expand with up to fourteen possible combinations maxing out at 32×32 Analog I/O in a single Symphony I/O.

Symphony I/O’s new pricing structure offers exceptional savings to Symphony I/O customers looking to expand their configuration. The 16×16 Analog I/O Module receives a price reduction from $3495 to $2995 and the 8 Mic Preamp Module from $1995 to $1495. At $1495, the 8 Mic Preamp Module delivers a $186.88 cost per channel creating unprecedented value for a professional recording interface.

New Configurations and Pricing
• Symphony 2×6 Configuration
Symphony I/O Chassis + 2×6 Analog I/O Module Price: $1995
• Symphony 8×8 Configuration
Symphony I/O Chassis + 8×8 Analog I/O Module Price: $2995
• Symphony 16×16 Configuration
Symphony I/O Chassis + 16×16 Analog I/O Module Price: $3995
• Symphony 8×8 + 8 Mic Preamps Configuration
Symphony I/O Chassis + 8×8 Analog I/O Module + 8 Mic Preamp Module Price: $4490

Available I/O Modules
• 2×6 Analog I/O + 8×8 Optical + AES I/O (only available in configuration)
• 8 Analog I/O + 8 AES/Optical I/O Module – $1995
• 16×16 Analog I/O Module – $2995
• 16 Analog IN + 16 Optical OUT – $1995
• 16 Analog OUT + 16 Optical IN – $1995 • 8 Mic Preamp – $1495”

Charts=I get it.




Apogee Unveils Quartet 4×8 Audio Interface For Mac

September 4, 2012 by  

Apogee today announced the new Quartet 4-in x 8-out USB desktop controller and interface for Mac-based studios.

The new Apogee Quartet ($1,295) pictured with an Apogee Ensemble desktop studio

Featuring 4 inputs and 8 outputs of Apogee’s AD/DA conversion technology as well as 4 mic preamps, Quartet ($1,295) bridges the gap between Apogee’s 2-channel Duet and the 8-channel Ensemble.

Quartet is equipped with 4 combination input connectors (XLR and 1/4”) for connecting microphones, guitars and keyboards or your favorite external mic preamps, compressors and EQs. Quartet also includes 8 channels of digital input via 2 optical connections (ADAT/SMUX) for connecting an additional analog-to-digital converter such as Apogee’s Ensemble.

Click for more details.

The Quartet’s Features & Specs include:

  • 4 Analog Inputs: Combination line (balanced +20dBu max), Mic/Instrument (+20dBu/+14dBu max)
  • 4 Microphone preamps with up to 75dB of gain
  • 8 Digital Inputs: ADAT/SMUX Input, 2 Toslink connectors, 44.1kHz to 96kHz
  • 8 Analog Outputs: 6 Balanced line outputs, +20 dBu maximum output level, 1 Independent 1/4” stereo headphone output
  • MIDI I/O (USB-A type connector)
  • Word clock output
  • USB 2.0 High-speed Mac audio interface
  • A/D and D/A conversion: 24 bit/192kHz
  • 2 top panel high resolution OLED displays
  • Controller knob
  • 6 touchpads for direct selection of inputs and outputs
  • 3 assignable touchpads to control:
    • Mute Outputs
    • Dim Outputs
    • Sum to Mono
    • Clear Meters
    • Engage Speaker Set (allows monitoring of up to 3 pairs of speakers
  • Quartet works with any Core Audio compatible application including: Logic, Pro Tools 9 and 10, Final Cut. Ableton Live
  • Available September 2012
  • Check out this video for a look/listen…

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