TV On The Radio Album, “Skins” Soundtrack Recorded At Headgear

March 3, 2011 by  

The upcoming TV On The Radio record, Nine Types of Light — due out April 12 on Interscope Records — was largely recorded at Headgear in Brooklyn last May.

TV On The Radio's "Nine Shades of Light" due out April 12

TVOTR’s David Andrew Sitek produced the sessions, with engineer Zeph Sowers tracking. Headgear’s Scott F. Norton also engineered a couple of days of tracking sessions with the band. Stream the awesome new track, “Will Do” below…

More recently, Headgear — the studio and friends/family of the studio — has had a hand in multiple tracks featured on MTV’s Skins.

First, the Skins theme song, “Lina Magic” by 3D Friends (Daniel Chavez-Wright), was tracked at Headgear by producer/engineer (and former Headgear intern and assistant) Gabe Liberti.

Another featured track, Unsolved Mysteries‘ “You Only Live Once,” was also tracked at Headgear and engineered by former Headgear intern, Colin Alexander. Alexander is the electronics maestro in Unsolved Mysteries and he releases his own original music under the name Tiny Specks of Many Things.

Next, the Many Colors song “Peaks and Valleys” also soundtracked a recent episode of Skins — Many Colors is Jackie Lin Werner, otherwise known as Headgear’s studio manager. “Peaks and Valleys” was mixed by engineer Nick Smeraski, another Headgear alum.

Keepaway‘s song “Evil Lady” was also featured on Skins, and was tracked with Headgear’s Kyle Boyd for their Baby Style EP.

Meanwhile, producer/engineer John Agnello has been working out of Headgear a bunch, most recently with Joy By Proxy, Andy Shernoff and Sons of Bill. Coming up, Cymbals Eat Guitars will be tracking and mixing their new album at Headgear with Agnello producing and engineering.

And back to TV On The Radio, listen to the advance single “Will Do” off Nine Types of Light here:

TV On The Radio – “Will Do” by Interscope Records

Check out Headgear’s new website for more information on the studio and recent projects, and to get in touch.

MTV “Skins,” Diamondsnake, Chromeo Recording at Stratosphere

January 19, 2011 by  

Catch MTV’s latest teen docu-drama-style show, Skins, this week? The chiptune theme song, by Brooklyn-based duo Starscream was tracked at NYC’s Stratosphere Studios, with producer/engineer Gabe Liberti. The cast of the show also joined Liberti in the studio to record vocals.

Pictured at Stratosphere (l-r): Assistant Engineer Atsuo Matsumoto, Starscream's George Stroud & Damon Hardjowirogo, Skins' Daniel Flaherty & Britne Oldford and producer/engineer Gabe Liberti.

Stratosphere has also welcomed songwriter and former Epic Records president, Amanda Ghost (Beyonce, James Blunt, Shakira), producer Dave McCracken (Depeche Mode, John Legend, Ian Brown) and engineer Andros Rodriguez (Justin Timberlake, Ben Folds, Leona Lewis) as the new long-term clients in Studio B. They will reportedly be working on a variety of projects over the next few months. Stay tuned….

In other recent Stratosphere sessions, Diamondsnake — Moby’s metal band project with Dave Hill, Phil Costello and Chris “Tomato” Harfenist — tracked and mixed new material in Studio A with engineer Ruddy Cullers; Brooklyn trio Menage à Twang tracked and mixed an album with engineer Reed Black (formerly of Saves the Day) in Studio B; engineer Thom Leinbach recorded tracks by composer John Angier for the upcoming animated series Jolly Rabbit; Chromeo worked out of Studios A and B, tracking and mixing with producer Sonjay Prabhakar and engineer Michael Nesci; and producer Tony Visconti tracked backing vocals and strings for Welsh singer Debbie Clarke.

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