SSL Introduces LMS-16 Multi-Channel Loudness and True Peak Monitoring System

October 19, 2013 by  

The releases at the 135th AES are happening now and there are plenty to go around. One that caught our eye is the announcement of Solid State Logic’s new LMS-16 monitoring system. The new system was created in conjunction with metering masters, NUGEN Audio to incorporate their ‘MultiMonitor’ software.

The LMS-16 metering system provides 16 individual meters for up to 96 channels.

The LMS-16 metering system provides 16 individual meters for up to 96 channels.

LMS-16 is designed to work with SSL’s existing broadcast consoles or as a standalone tool that, with incorporated NUGEN Audio tech, can “augment any production situation where loudness compliance for broadcast is essential.”

Availability of the new metering software has not yet been specified, but in the meantime here are more details on the pending release of the SSL LMS-16 monitoring system:

Created through a strategic partnership with NUGEN Audio, a creator of award winning professional audio plugins and metering software for the creative music producer, sound designer or broadcast engineer, the LMS-16 offers NUGEN Audio’s new ‘MultiMonitor’ software as part of a turnkey system that can augment any production situation where loudness compliance for broadcast is essential. The software is pre-installed and configured on a dedicated industrial strength 1RU PC, fitted with SSL’s ‘MadiXtreme 128’ audio interface with metering information displayed on virtually any connected flat screen video monitor. An optional monitor arm will also be available to facilitate convenient side mounting of a screen on C100 HDS or C10 HD consoles.

The next evolutionary step for NUGEN Audio’s highly regarded ‘VisLM’ software, MultiMonitor provides the most powerful multi-channel Loudness and True Peak metering available today. It offers 16 individual meters, each capable of mono, stereo or 5.1 formats (providing metering of up to 96 audio channels simultaneously), with each meter showing a LUFS momentary display alongside a True Peak display. Each meter also has a dedicated numeric Short Term and Integrated LUFS data display, with the option to color-code meters to aid grouping. Each meter also features a minimum and maximum short term alerts function. MultiMonitor is fully compliant with CALM Act legislation, ITU-R BS1770/1, ATSC A/85, EBU R128 and other specific worldwide localisations.

SSL’s LMS-16 offers the advanced metering capability of MultiMonitor software in a fully configured and tested turnkey system based on an extremely powerful and robust 1RU PC with very low noise fans, a 15 second boot time and pre-built restore partition. Professional loudness metering of 96 channels of audio (@ 48 kHz) requires an exceptional amount of processing power and this pre-configured and fully tested PC delivers. Audio I/O to the system is provided by SSL’s MadiXtreme 128 audio interface, offering 2 x 64 channel fibre connections. GPI connectivity for GPI reset provides seamless integration with SSL consoles and other GPI enabled equipment.

SSL’s LMS-16 is ideal for monitoring multiple playback sources or Audio Sub Groups simultaneously with 5.1 and Stereo PGM output, alongside the console in the Audio Control room, or equally suited in the Master Control room,  monitoring multiple studios and formats simultaneously.