Restorm Launches rightclearing Automated Music Licensing Service, at Social Music Summit (NYC)

February 23, 2012 by  

Restorm today launched rightclearing at the Social Music Summit taking place in NYC.

Restorm launched the rightclearing licensing platform today in NYC.

rightclearing is a cloud-based music licensing platform that provides artists and music professionals a simplified solution, enabling them to monetize content through an automated licensing system.

In addition, the service announced a partnership with Rumblefish today. Rumblefish currently stands as the world’s largest catalog for social media licenses, and has closed deals with more than 5 million private users over the  platform.

According to Restorm, rightclearing simplifies the overly complex and antiquated existing procedure of synch music licensing by adding modern search technology, automated contracts and an easy payment process. This allows anyone to simply purchase licenses for their project, whether for commercial or private use. By making it accessible to independent artist as well, rightclearing opens up and democratizes the music licensing business.

As an example of a rightclearing application, many content creators who attempt to harness the power of YouTube unknowingly make themselves liable to prosecution by using their favorite songs for their videos. rightclearing simplifies the existing procedure of music licensing by creating an easy way for them to license music just as simply and quickly as the process for uploading videos in the first place.

Rightclearing follows in the Creative Commons vision in its mission to benefit artists by making sure they get a fair share for their work. The system provides artists with a tool to  help them thrive and earn money by monetizing and simultaneously protecting their content. The result is a platform that enables independent artists to earn money with the usage rights to their songs, by providing the music-using community with incentives to support artists directly without intermediaries.

rightclearing explains its features as the following:

•    Easy: On rightclearing, anyone can license a song in only three steps. The previously complicated process has been reduced to its essential elements: finding songs and paying for the license. Both parties instantly receive a legal contract directly on completing the transaction.

•    Intuitive: The easiest way to describe music is with other music. Customers can just upload a song and will then be recommended similar licensed songs they can buy directly on the platform. They can also use keywords to further narrow the results or look for different music.

•    Open: Only the quality of music that will count. Everybody can integrate their music into the rightclearing system and the modern licensing structure means that even YouTube users can find suitable music at a reasonable price.

•    Transparent: All artists receive (100%) of the price they set. The clear licensing structure means that customers understand the terms of the offer perfectly and also guaranties that large commercial projects will be charged accordingly

•    Decentralization: Artists and labels can set up licensing shops on their websites and Facebook pages. This further increases the licensing potential, especially for semi-professionals.

•    Modern: The licensing structure is based on the creative Commons Idea and manages to combine this with traditional Copyright. Artist can now monetize their Creative Commons licenses.