Ohm Studio DAW Launches Public Beta

June 1, 2012 by  

After years of development, and a lengthy private beta testing process, Ohm Studio – the real-time collaborative DAW by the Paris-based Ohm Force software team – is now accessible to anyone, for free.

Ohm Studio interface

Ohm Studio works on both PC and Mac, and its cloud-based architecture enables cross-platform online collaboration – remotely and in real time.

Ohm Studio reportedly covers most of the major features available in modern DAWs, such as audio/MIDI recording and editing, as well as VST plugin support.

The suite also comes with brand-new effects plugins especially designed for Ohm Studio, including Compressor, EQ, Filter, Flanger, Limiter and Vocoder, along with the Ohm Force collection of plugins:

Ohmicide:Melohman (multi-band distortion)
OhmBoyz (multi-tap delay)
Quad Frohmage (filter bank)
Predatohm (multi-band distortion)
Mobilohm (phaser)
Hematohm (frequency shifter)
Frohmage (filter)
Ohmygod! (comb filter)
Minimonsta:Melohman (synth, by GForce)
Oddity (synth, by GForce)

Create an account on www.ohmstudio.com, and access the online server via the Ohm Studio application. You can request to join projects created by other people or start a new one on your own. Once in a project, you can invite other Ohm Studio users or friends with no account to create one and join the project.

The application is still in its beta version, but is now open to the public, so go check it out!