Bitcoin for Musicians: Tatiana Moroz Makes the Case for “Artist Coins” and More

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Now we are at a place where we can help others get started, and where they can accept dollars instead of just bitcoin for Artist Coins. Even though we are still in the early stages, I think it can be useful for more many more artists and fans.

Cool. When and where is it coming out?

We start the campaign today [February 9th] for 30 days, and then the digital and physical release will be available worldwide on March 31.

We just released the initial single called “The Bitcoin Jingle” today, and in early March, we will be releasing the single “Safe with You” as well as the title track [“Keep the Faith”].

I am releasing independently, and people can go to and connect with me there. Of course, we will release on all the online music platforms, but I would love for people to experience what using Tatiana Coin is like.

Thanks Tatiana, live long and prosper.

Justin Colletti is a writer, educator and mastering engineer who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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