3 Chances to Win a Nugen Audio Producer Pack!

NUGEN Audio‘s Producer Pack is a complete mix  and mastering suite containing seven world-class plugins, designed to provide the essential mix and mastering tools you need to produce first class audio from start to finish.

Including acclaimed audio analysis and auditioning, panoramic enhancement and low frequency control, pristine limiting and EQ, the Producer Pack is the perfect upgrade for professionals who need to truly optimize their productions.

This week, they’re giving away not one but three of these comprehensive pro bundles. All you need to do is sign up below! These seven indispensable plug-ins, also available individually, include:

ISL 2st: True peak limiter
Pristine quality True Peak limiting with ease. ISL 2st transparently prepares your content for online loudness normalization & eliminates codec distortion.

MasterCheck Pro: Master for streaming formats
Mix & master for today’s digital music services. Hear how your tracks are affected by loudness matching and listen to different codecs in real time so you can perfectly tune your master to today’s delivery formats.

Visualizer: Audio analysis suite
Indispensable audio analysis for quality audio production. A standardized reference set of professional tools managed via a unique, intelligent window.

Monofilter: Low frequency manager
Sharpen, define, align and anchor your bass. Create solid or natural sounding bass to provide the foundation for real power and definition.

Stereoizer: Stereo enhancer
A full range of stereo image enhancement, from gentle width adjustments to huge dynamic ambiences. Full mono compatibility & no unwanted artifacts.

Stereoplacer: 21st Century Pan Control
Frequency specific stereo placement using unique stereo positioning technology. Precise control you just can’t get within a traditional mix setup.

SEQ-ST: Unequaled creative EQ
Powerful sonic sculpting and EQ matching. Linear phase technology delivers transparency without phase smearing & provides sharp transients. Filter morphing enables fluid creative effects & transitions.

The plugins in this bundle are normally available available for $119-$199 each, or $549 for the whole bundle—a more than $1000 value. But for a limited time, you can WIN a Producer Pack bundle all your own. Just sign up below.

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